Hide.me VPN: Really “fastest VPN of the world"?

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  • Top Customer
  • Very good speeds
  • Ideal for file sharing, torrent & streaming
  • Headquarters Malaysia - no access to data by European authorities
  • Very many payment options


  • Higher price
  • Hide.me VPN saves log files (though no details)
  • Not extremely many available countries

Hide.me VPN Review

Hide.me VPN advertises, "the world's fastest VPN" to be. A promise that really keeps? We took a closer look at the provider from Malaysia. You can find all the details in our Hide.me VPN Review.

Hide.me VPN is very popular. In our opinion, this is due to the following reasons: The service from Malaysia is available in German and easy to handle, which of course is very pleasant for every user in everyday life. Especially VPN Beginners are easy. In addition, the support is also really good for the users, with the 24 / 7 customer service is only in the premium version.

ProductHide.me VPN
Recommended applicationsAvoid warningsAnonymous communicationFirewall & ProtectionHigh anonymityUse in ChinaSecure data transmissionBypass locksSharing / torrentVPN router

Our conclusion on the Hide.me test report

Hide.me VPN is a recommended provider, which offers numerous advantages, but also some disadvantages. If you are prepared to pay the higher price, you will enjoy good quality, comprehensive anonymity and very good speeds for streaming, torrenting and file sharing.

Consistently good quality servers, software & especially service

The free Hide.me VPN clearly offers a lot less. But of course it's very nice to be able to test it in advance (although there is generally an 30 day money back guarantee, so you're not taking any risks). The speed is also very good, video streaming is stable and uninterrupted. Both server, software and service were realized well and qualitatively flawlessly.

Data protection & anonymity expandable

All together, essential advantages that the users appreciate very much. Unfortunately there are also a few wormwood drops. On the one hand, the cost of Hide.me VPN not exactly small. If you compare the service, you get significantly more performance for your money from other providers. On the whole everything is correct, but we personally lack a deeper seriousness regarding data protection and anonymity. For example, there is a lack of additional ways to properly hide your data. The network is fine, but not overwhelming: Hide.me VPN is represented in 35 countries with 56 locations and more than 1.400 servers in Asia, Europe and America.

"No log files" is an unsustainable promise by Hide.me VPN

How now are you wondering? Hide.me VPN leads but no log files, so is very safe with the user data. It is true that the provider advertises no log files zu save. But that is only partially true. Because of the limited number of devices that you with the VPN central logging is essential. So draw too Hide.me VPN Logfiles on. But: After all, no detailed information is recorded - online or login times remain anonymous and above all your activities are not Watch which server location you choose! t records. So even if the technical implementation makes certain log files necessary, the provider is trying to minimize data collection.

By location Malaysia, no cooperation with European authorities

Da Hide.me VPN is in Malaysia, it does not have to respond to government inquiries from Europe etc. The danger that your data will come into the wrong hands is low and also warnings are not an issue. However, you have to be at the VPN Pay particular attention to the choice of server and location to really guarantee this security: Because the provider uses rental servers and their IP addresses. Depending on the country in which they are located, there is still the obligation to log IP connections and to work with the authorities.

Hide.me VPN User anonymity is more important than locations

In this context, one thing is particularly gratifying: the problem is that rental servers can store data Hide.me VPN quite aware and the provider already has experience with it. Our research has revealed that Hide.me VPN exactly for this reason has already terminated server in Germany. This attitude and approach deserve real praise: the provider is more concerned about the anonymity of its users than locations. Top!

The customer service is impressive

Ever lie Hide.me the customers at heart. You can contact support at any time in the payment tariffs, they are there for you 24 hours a day. Friendly, competent and helpful. You can also do that VPN start very easily. In just 3 steps, the registration is complete and the software is easy to install. In addition, you can use the very helpful instructions.

Yes, Hide.me VPN is fast. Ideal for file sharing & streaming

But now for the crucial question: Is Hide.me VPN "The world's fastest VPN"?. Of course, we could not now completely test this claim. And as we all know, a lot can be said for marketing purposes, which in reality looks a little different. In any case, the provider does not have to hide in terms of speed. Delivered in our tests Hide.me VPN consistently very good results, the ping times were also ok. Likewise you reach with the VPN a stable and uninterrupted connection. High-quality streaming over longer periods is thus very possible. And also for file sharing, the speed is perfect, it is also allowed on many of the servers.

Software, browser extensions & protocols

Hide.me VPN uses the most recent protocols like OpenVPN, SSTP, SoftEther and IKEv2, which offers encryption up to AES-256. The VPN is available for Windows, MacOS, Android, iPhone and iPad, Amazon Fire TV and for routers. In addition, browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox are available. The latter ensure that you are always protected after a single installation on the Internet. Your ISP does not know anything about your activities.

Hide.me software for many devices

Pricing of Hide.me VPN

Free version

  • 2 GB data transfer
  • 1 simultaneous connection
  • 5 locations worldwide


  • 1 month: $ 14.95 per month
  • 1 year: $ 9.99 per month (yearly $ 119.95 will be charged)
  • 2 years: $ 5.41 per month (all 2 years will be charged $ 129.95)


  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 24 / 7 Premium Customer Service
  • Unlimited high-speed bandwidth
  • Full protocol support
  • Servers in more than 56 locations
  • Windows, macOS, iOS and Android Support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

An advantage is that you can purchase the service with just about every possible payment method:
Hide.me payment options Hide.me VPN has introduced 2019 new features in summer.

You can also find more information directly with the offerer.

Created on:08/03/2019

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