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  • Instructions, website etc. available in German
  • Simple installation


  • Bad price-performance ratio
  • Log files of usage behavior are created!
  • Danger of warnings big
  • Data is passed on to authorities
  • Functions inadequate
Connections per account7
Tariff (1 month)11.99 EUR
Tariff (12 months)45 EUR (per month 3.75 EUR)
Tariff (24 months)76.56 EUR (per month 3.19 EUR)
Tariff (39 months)78 EUR (per month 2 EUR)
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"We protect you". So the advertising promise of CyberGhost VPNthat bombarded us really intrusive in many places. Unfortunately, the implementation of this promise does not look so rosy. And otherwise he can VPN Service from Israel not completely convincing. Take a look at our CyberGhost review and see for yourself!

CyberGhost was founded VPN in Romania. In the meantime, however, the Israeli financial investor KAPE Technologies has taken over (just like ZenMate) and is concentrating heavily on international users. In general, CyberGhost wants to win customers - and thus sales. Unfortunately, however, the privacy and anonymity of the users remain by the wayside. CyberGhost only offers standard security. But not anymore.

CyberGhost collects your data!

Great CyberGhost promises
Unfortunately, the bustling CyberGhost marketing does not reflect reality!

If CyberGhost VPN promises in advertising that he protects you, the privacy policy speak a very different language. Because the service collects a lot of your data for a variety of purposes - from research to customer analysis to the enforcement of terms of use. And what is in those is really crass:

Log files & danger of warnings: CyberGhost forwards data to authorities!

“In the event of user violations, CyberGhost is required by law to work with authorized public and private law enforcement and law enforcement agencies and agencies.” (Excerpt from the CyberGhost Terms of Use)

That means you are absolutely not anonymous! CyberGhost VPN does not protect you from being researched by authorities! What that means? CyberGhost users are at an increased risk for them warnings flutter into the house. Because your data will be shared! Also, CyberGhost runs VPN Logfiles, also about your activities and your credentials will be recorded anyway. Lots VPNs consciously refrain from such surveillance and this is only true in the sense of anonymity.

Israel location - NSA monitoring partner

We do not want to bore you with terms and conditions, etc. But these examples are really impressive, like CyberGhost VPN deals with your data and your privacy! For one VPN Service is really not a renomée! And the location of Israel also has a bitter aftertaste: let's just think back to Edward Snowden's revelations. Among other things, it came to light that Israel is collaborating with the NSA on Internet surveillance.

Test: Our CyberGhost VPN Testimonials

So much for the important topics of anonymity and privacy at CyberGhost. Of course, we also looked at the performance of the service. At first glance, the whole thing looks pretty colorful and with many details, but still gives a good overview. Visually appealing, we have to admit that.
Optics alone does not make a good one VPN, Let's get to the functions. You do not have a large selection at the locations. Because CyberGhost VPN has only a few countries with their own servers in the program. Overall, it's 30 VPN-Locations. In addition, you get as a user the following functions: removal of malware and viruses; Data compression as a speed boostbo for your internet; Blocking of online trackers; Ad blocking and anonymization of your browser and cookies.

Functions hardly bring anything

What sounds good at first doesn't do much at second glance. Once again CyberGhost has mouthed too much at its advertising promises. Ad blockers, virus protection and the like achieved very bad results in our tests. Tracking codes were not properly filtered because the detection rate was far too low and the virus protection was hardly usable. An equally sobering experience is the speed: Everything is ok, if CyberGhost VPN to 25Mbit / s. For more you have to expect serious deviations.
CyberGhost VPN is available for MacOS and Windows, as well as for iOS and Android. You can use up to 5 devices at the same time with a user account VPN connect. CyberGhost delivers on home routers like Asus VPN but a bad performance.

CyberGhost VPN Costs - it can be better & cheaper!

If you think now that CyberGhost VPN With all these stigmas favorable, you were wrong. The service usually requires long-term advance payments and limits device usage.

Moreover, as described, it does not provide any good features nor does it protect you and your privacy. On the contrary, CyberGhost acts VPN Authority-friendly and passes user data. You should not use streaming or file sharing with it! Anyway, our conclusion: Choose a different, cheaper, stronger and more efficient one VPN Provider - the anonymity really lives! As an alternative we can, for example, the newcomer 2019 Surfshark to the heart!

CyberGhost VPN Alternative: Surfshark VPN

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Created on:07/12/2019

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