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  • Complete in German
  • Easy usage
  • Interesting additional functions


  • Speed ​​reduced by using proxy rather
  • Data transfer to private companies and authorities according to the GTC
  • Deceptive anonymity, here is clearly exaggerated in advertising

CyberGhost VPN Test

CyberGhost VPN is a very popular one VPNProvider in the German-speaking area, The operator is located in Romania. Advertising cooperation with and made the company known in addition to a crowdfunding campaign.

ProductCyberGhost VPN
Recommended applicationsAvoid warningsAnonymous communicationFirewall & ProtectionHigh anonymityNetflixSecure data transmissionBypass locksStreaming (copyright)Sharing / torrentVPN router

Our Conclusion

Basically, we don't find CyberGhost bad, it reliably protects against many dangers that exist for normal users on the Internet and also creates reliable connections and identities in many countries. It is easy to use and you do not have to worry very much, but not at the affordable price anyway. However, you should take a look at the test report and then decide whether the provider fits you.

Company data

Cyber ​​Ghost VPN was founded in 2010 and has since changed for its users to be the perfect VPN-To offer an experience. Cyberghost is definitely not our top VPN, but its functions and offers have changed somewhat over the years and it definitely pays to keep an eye on it. Incidentally, the provider has its company location in Romania, where customers are also billed.

operating locationRomania
billing locationRomania
Local legislation affects customer protection
Operation and billing separately
Server locations90
No log files
Own DNS server
Virtual Server
Dedicated server
RAM disk server
Owner of the hardware
Owner of the IP addresses

Prices and tariffs

The provider's free tariff has not been active since 2018.

Costs / tariffs
Free use
Tariff (1 month)11.99 EUR
Tariff (12 months)45 EUR (per month 3.75 EUR)
Tariff (24 months)76.56 EUR (per month 3.19 EUR)
Tariff (39 months)78 EUR (per month 2 EUR)
Number of concurrent connections per account7
test optionsRefund warranty

Applications and protocols

The own apps and software for computer look very similar and offer a graphically very well thought-out representation of the functions. A map with the current or the selected location is always displayed. When creating a connection, even an animation changes your own location. This also helps inexperienced users to easily identify which location they are currently connected to and which IP address they are currently using. In addition, additional functions that are created via the proxy functionality can be switched on and off. The detailed graphical representation also has the disadvantage that the apps, especially on slower devices only jerky or sometimes can not respond at all.

Available protocolsIKEv2OpenVPN (TCP)OpenVPN (UDP)
Own applications / appsOther OS / IntegrationAndroidApple iOSASUSWRTChrome extensionDD-WRTFirefox extensionFireTVKODI AddOnLinuxMac OSXOpenVPN UDPOpenWRTTomatoWindowsWindows Phone
KillSwitch function
Language of the applicationsGermanEnglishFrenchRussischSpanish


In the premium tariffs, more and faster connections are used. However, these are easily recognized and routed via additional proxy servers. As a result, the data traffic is examined both when sending and receiving. The resulting slower ping times were easy to spot. Even a “compression” of the data that is offered, of course, did not bring any improvement. This only helps with longer and larger amounts of data, but not with small data packets such as those used by online games or VoIP etc. In total, the use of all functions that CyberGhost offers means a reduction in bandwidth of 15-20%. That is quite a significant value and is by no means in the TOP area.

Maximum speed tested
Germany | 09.11.2020


On the one hand, CyberGhost justifies VPN the outsourcing of billing activities also in its terms with the protection of user data: CyberGhost collects and uses none Personal information such as email address, name, address and payment information.

CyberGhost describes in the regulations VPN handling user data as follows:

Log data: CyberGhost does not maintain logs that allow conclusions to be drawn about the IP address, time or content of the traffic. It should be expressly stated that we do not log the communication content, data about accessed websites or IP addresses.

CyberGhost VPN records only for statistical purposes non-personal data (such as the load on the server), which at no time can pose a threat to your anonymity. They serve only the quality improvement of the service.

That is well written, but since you have to add each device used manually, other data can also be read from it and the IP address is therefore only one feature of how you can clearly identify the user. Because in the terms and conditions is also written of the "responsibility of the user:

You are bound by this Terms of Use, the laws and regulations, and you are responsible for their compliance. CyberGhost does not take responsibility for your activities. CyberGhost will cooperate with users of the law and at its sole discretion with public and private criminal and law enforcement authorities and entities in the event of legal violations by users.

CyberGhost reserves the right to access CyberGhost for violations of the law VPN restrict or suspend in full or in part and initiate legal action.

All data that is sent or received by the user is transmitted, broken up and examined via SSL connections. Only then is it possible to remove “tracking codes” from the data, etc. This can and is usually also in the log files of the proxy server saved a lot of personal and evaluable data!

Interesting is also the transparent report the CyberGhost VPN has published.

I would therefore say that CyberGhost offers good protection against conscious hackers or sniffers in the network or from the Internet provider, but there can be no question of anonymity towards CyberGhost or authorities or even some companies.

Anonymous on the Internet
Altered virtual location
Protection against requests for information
Gen. Prevent monitoring
Prevent targeted monitoring
No log files
Obfusication (masking)


It is possible to use Netflix DE and some other streaming platforms and bypass their geographic locks when you are abroad. One of the exceptions is Amazon Prime Video. For example, this video portal cannot be used with Cyber ​​Ghost. Maxdome and DAZN cannot be used with this service either.

Streaming TV and video content
Use on the home router
Use with KODI
FireTV app
Avoid warnings
Supported streaming platformsNetflixDAZN (EN)SkyEurosportmaxdomezattoo (CH)WaipuJOYNTVNowARD (EN)ZDF (DE)BR DE)N24 (EN)MDR (EN)rbbWDR (DE)Arte DE)3Sat (EN)Pro7 (EN)Sat1 (EN)Cable1 (EN)Disney + (DE)MagentaTV (DE)ORF (AT)SRF (CH)Servus TV (DE, AT, CH)

Torre Ting

The Download and torrenting is not explicitly allowed. Nevertheless, it is possible and above all German users should be safe.

Download and torrent
Torrent usage allowed
Own torrent server
Avoid warnings
Port forwarding

Use on the router

Diesen VPN can be connected to routers. However, you still have to configure something manually to do this. We have published instructions for installing the ASUS router with cyberghost on this topic.

Operation on VPNClient router
Use on routers
Load balancing
Fail-safe operation
Own router application
Compatible withASUSGl-iNetDD-WRTTomatoVilfo router

Online Gaming

Online Gaming
Low latency
Use on game consolesPlayStationXBox
DDoS protection

VPN to travel

Diesen VPN cannot be recommended 100% for travel, since it is often difficult to establish a reasonable connection in hotel networks. In insecure networks you are still protected with Cyber ​​Ghost.

VPN for travel and abroad
Use in restrictive networks (China, hotels)
Obfusication (masking)
Protection in insecure wifi networks
Shadowsocks or SOCKS5

Customer service

The provider offers all documents and software as well as the customer service completely in German, this has some advantages, as this is easier and more understandable for most users. Therefore, contact with the customer service is not really necessary. CyberGhost also talks about an 365Tage customer service, but in my test, some requests were only answered 2 days later. That should not happen, but well we are all human (most of us). Generally, however, there is a thick PLUS for easy handling even for laymen.

Customer Service
Language of the applicationsGermanEnglishFrenchRussischSpanish
Customer ServiceEmailFAQ websiteForumLive chat
Language in customer serviceGermanEnglishFrench

CyberGhost Features VPN

CyberGhost uses a combination in its network VPNEncryption and also the use of proxy server. As a result, the vendor can provide access and identity across locations in 89 countries, as well as additional features such as: Ad blocking, tracking blocker, anti-phishing, anti-virus etc. We had our first experience with the provider in 2014, but a lot has changed technically since then.

special functions
AlwaysOn server
Automatic IP change
Dedicated Server
Own hardware
Shared IP
IPv6 (new)
No log files
Load balancing
Malware filter
Multi-Hop VPN
Neuro routing
Obfuscation (mask)
Own IP addresses
Own torrent server
Port forwarding
RAM disk (k.HDD)
Static IP
Tracking Blocker
Virtual Server


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CyberGhost VPN Offer

39 months of cyberghost VPN now only cost € 78! The offer is limited in time.


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