Has the website “Streamkiste tv” been blocked? Is there an alternative?

In this article, we cover the following topics:

  • What is Streamkiste tv?
  • Has the website been blocked? Why?
  • Can you get around the lock?
  • What we recommend.
  • Which stream box alternative is there?
  • The most important questions summarized again.

What is Streamkiste tv anyway?

Streamkiste is a streaming platform where you can watch the latest movies. Compared to Netflix and Co., however, this platform offers its service completely free of charge. The website is one of the best known and most popular in the German-speaking world, with a huge number of monthly visits.

Stream box website
Streamkiste.tv website

Has the website been blocked? Is stream box legal?

Due to the high profile, this platform also came into the spotlight of the European Court of Justice. Since 2017, streaming the content that is actually protected by copyright has been completely prohibited. For this reason, the website has been blocked. Users of such platforms can also receive warnings that contain quite large amounts of money. You should never ignore these warnings. 

Stream box tv locked
Stream box tv locked

Can you get around the lock? And can I protect myself from warnings?

Since the website is now blocked for German-speaking users, many are still wondering whether it could still be accessed somehow. It actually works! With the help of a VPN you can hide your own IP address and report that you are in another country. The advantage of this is that the platform is not blocked in other countries. In addition, with a changed IP address you are also safe from research and cannot be tracked. That means one with VPN can also be protected against warnings.

We recommend the following VPN-Providers

For these purposes we really recommend a paid one VPN to choose because it's free VPN mostly work closely with authorities. There are a large number of providers that can protect you from warnings. We have the best known in our tests VPN tested and independently assessed. There are numerous cheap providers that only cost a few euros a month, but can do a lot. Of course, we recommend our top providers. The best VPNStreaming s are for example VyprVPN and NordVPN

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Which stream box alternative is there?

The website is not the only streaming platform that offers such a free service. Of course, you have to say that the stream box alternative is also illegal. 

The most important questions about Streamkiste:

Is stream box legal?

No. Streaming copyrighted content is prohibited and can be punished.

Has the website been blocked?

Yes. Due to a new law, the website has been blocked for German-speaking users.

Can you get around the lock?

Yes. You can use a VPN, continue to use the services of the platform without having to worry about warnings.

Which stream box alternative is there?

As a stream box alternative there are Kinox, Movie4k, KKiste, s.to, burningseries.to, etc.

Created on:04/30/2020

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