New police law in Bavaria causes a stir

It is called "toughest police law in Germany" since 1945 - and it is probably also: The new Bavarian police law, the 15. May be decided, the police apparatus offers completely new possibilities: intercept measures such as letters, read online chats and eavesdropping already in "imminent danger", so preventive, provide for libel, the "surveillance state" is the speech. In addition to numerous experts and opposition parties who speak out or announce lawsuits, more and more people throughout Bavaria are going against the planned law on the street. Privacy is important to Bavaria, almost 60% of citizens are according to a Green Survey against surveillance and interference with privacy.

Eavesdropping & Co already at "imminent danger"

If it has previously been necessary for a "concrete danger" to exist, the law already provides for the use of the police in the event of an "imminent danger". And just this small difference makes the waves go up. Because with the new law, the police are likely to intervene much earlier and more comprehensively, even if there is only a suspicion. Specifically, letters may be intercepted, DNA analyzed for searches or facial recognition software used in public places. The right to civil liberty, of course, looks different. The Bayern also see it this way: There have already been held some protests, others are being planned. First and foremost a big demo on the 10. May in Munich, which wants to prevent the passing of the law under the slogan "no attack on our freedom and citizen rights!". More than 16.000 people are interested, according to Facebook for the rally.

Facilitate the work of the police

Of course, there is always a counterpart to the critics who defend the new police law accordingly: Certain rules are simply no longer up to date and would complicate the work of the police. For example, at the moment, it is not allowed to evaluate the data from the cloud of a secured mobile phone, but only the stationary memory. That would be the case with the new law. Another new relief is the planned use of drones in searches. The authorities have in mind the protection against terrorism in such measures, which unfortunately is becoming more and more important nowadays. In addition, a sufficient control of the extended powers is of course given, said the Bavarian Minister of the Interior.

Stone of contention number 2: psychiatry law

But not only the new police law makes for unrest: The also planned in Bavaria mental health help law encounters harsh criticism of organizations and experts. It speaks of the "glass patient" and the "public stigmatization" of the mentally ill and of the fact that people are equated with offenders. What is planned here? Depressive people should be recorded and their sensitive data stored for five years - government agencies such as the police and others would then have access to it. So again a monitoring and above all dangerous for those affected, as Thomas Pollmächer, chairman of the Federal Association "BDK" of senior physicians of psychiatric hospitals, the Süddeutsche Zeitung says: "The present bill creates a context in which mentally ill should fear : 'If I come out now, then I run the risk of being immediately locked up' '. Actually planned as a relief law, this law does not seem to make it as if it would actually hit the target ...

Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung,

Created on:04/29/2018

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