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Movie4k is now available under new names

The streaming platform Movie4k or Movie2k has been on the Internet for years. However, for various reasons of copyright, the website is blocked again and again. Movie4k is constantly appearing under a new domain. The latest domain is It can of course happen that this will soon be out of date. website website

What is Movie4k?

The website allows you to stream the latest and most popular movies. And all for free. As you can see on the homepage there are all current films. You also have access to the latest series, such as "The Walking Dead" or "Game of Thrones". The website is a paradise for film lovers and has all the spades to offer. In total there are said to be more than 90.000 videos, all of which can be viewed for free. That must have a peck ?!

Is Movie4k legal?

That's the problem. The streaming service Movie4k and similar ones like kkiste have long been in a legal gray area. In the meantime, however, these services are officially illegal because they are content that is subject to copyright. Just that Download such files can be punished. Warnings are increasingly being sent to users of such content. You have to expect a higher fine here.

Movie4k alternative

Of course, we have to distinguish between two alternatives. Between a paid, but also legal version, or the illegal alternatives.

Legal alternatives

A legal Movie4k alternative would of course be Netflix or Maxdome. Here you pay a monthly subscription and can also access quite a few films or series. However, these platforms already have some disadvantages. And they don't have EVERYTHING on offer. If you want to watch “Game of Thrones”, you cannot do this on Netflix. The reason for this is that platforms like Netflix have to buy the license to broadcast the films or series and this is often not available or expires quickly. Nevertheless, you have a great streaming experience without interruptions and in the best quality.

Illegal alternatives

Often, you can no longer access your usual websites because they are blocked for copyright reasons. We have listed a few alternatives here to save you the search for them:

  • burningseries (
  • box
  • cinema box
  • cinematographer
  • cinemaxx
  • film palace
  • see above

Can you protect yourself from warnings?

Yes. You can protect yourself against warnings. With the use of a VPN you can hide your own IP address and surf the internet anonymously. This makes it impossible for authorities and hackers to find out who is behind the address given. On VPN has many more privacy benefits, of course. We only advise against free services! A good VPN for these streaming purposes would be, for example VyprVPN.

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Created on:03/19/2020

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