Linux takes WireGuard VPN into his team

WireGuard is now, from version 5.6, part of the Linux Kernels. The inventor Linus Torvalds is convinced of the service. “WireGuard is a work of art”. The security against eavesdropping is guaranteed in any case by the most modern crypto-algorithms and is, compared to OpenVPN or IPsec, brand new!

What is a VPN?

The VPN is there to hide your own IP address and to be able to surf the Internet anonymously. One is safe from warnings, because of illegal streaming, or because of copyright issues Downloads. In addition, you can easily bypass geo-blocks and access all areas of the Internet. On VPN-Service offers many options for privacy and can also block annoying advertisements at the same time. There are different encryption protocols such as OpenVPN or PPTP, which are specially designed for security. WireGuard is also one of these protocols.

What is WireGuard?

It is an encryption protocol for VPN-Services. The service is currently a rising star and can be shown at its best. We have tested and rated the service extensively and independently. In summary, there are some advantages and disadvantages, but the protocol developed really well last year and could become the protocol of the future. It can achieve higher reliability and faster speeds with new and improved encryption methods. The inventor of Linux was in love with the protocol right from the start, as you can see from our article a year ago. Now the time has come. Linux and the protocol are united.

WireGuard logo
WireGuard logo

Created on:03/12/2020

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