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What is “series stream” or “s.to” anyway?

Series stream with “s.to” used to be the shortest domain to be able to watch all current TV series online and free of charge. In the meantime this domain has been blocked, but the service of “s.to” still exists. Just with a new domain. “Series Stream”.

“Serienstream” offers all popular and current TV series and the whole thing for free. You don't even have to register. Even series like Game of Thrones, which cannot be found anywhere else, can be seen here. But now the question arises whether the whole thing might not have a hitch.

Is “Series Stream” legal?

It is not so long ago that the service that “s.to” offers was still in a legal gray area. Streaming copyrighted content on one of these websites could not be penalized. Today the whole thing looks a little different. In the meantime, a law has been created that can punish precisely these acts. You can receive warnings about streaming and the amounts are often set a little higher.

Using the individual IP address that each device has, individual users can easily be traced back and reminded. This happens more often in Germany. So protect yourself when you use such platforms!

Series stream website
Series stream website

How can I protect myself from warnings?

To protect yourself from warnings, you only need one VPN. You don't need one that offers an extremely large number of functions. A simple provider is sufficient. There is a wide range and you can quickly get lost in the VPN Jungle. We have a Comparison table created to help you find something.

Generally encrypted a VPN your own IP address and you can no longer be traced. Exactly what you need for trouble-free streaming on s.to. But not only that. With one VPN there are many more advantages, but that would almost go beyond the scope of this article. A VPN can also be useful for torrenting, or for online gaming.

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Is there a serial stream alternative?

Of course, it is advisable to use the paid platforms such as Netflix. These providers pay money in order to have permission to offer the respective series. You are always on the safe side. Unfortunately, Netflix or Maxdome does not offer ALL series. Game of Thrones, for example, cannot be found on these websites. As are many anime series. For this reason, many are looking for “s to” alternatives. It often happens that a domain is blocked. If that happens, it is useful to know other alternatives. Incidentally, “Serien stream” is currently available at “serienstream.sx”.

  • Burnungseries.co
  • Kino.de
  • Streamkiste.tv
  • Streamkiste.life

Frequently asked questions about serial stream

Is serial stream legal?

No. There is now a law that protects copyrighted content. Thus, there may be warnings about streaming.

What is serial stream anyway?

The website offers all current and popular series free of charge. From TV series to anime, you can find everything there. Unfortunately, the whole thing is not that legal and can lead to warnings.

Are there alternatives?

Yes, absolutely. The market is big and there are numerous other websites that offer free streaming. Examples are kino.de, streamkiste.tv and burningseries.

Created on:09/14/2020

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