Is KKiste legal? How can you protect yourself?

KKiste logoWhat is KKiste anyway?

KKiste is an online streaming platform where you can watch the latest films and series. All without having to pay a cent. The quality of many videos is not necessarily the best, and copyright issues are also very serious. This is where the problem for many users lies. All you have to do is click on a selected film and you can choose between various links where you will be forwarded to the actual stream.

In the past there was KKiste under the domain “”, “” or also under the name “kkiste su”. The service can currently be found under the following domain: ”kkiste ag". The website is blocked regularly, but reappears again and again.

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Is KKiste legal?

No. The service was in a legal gray area for a long time. In the meantime, however, laws have been raised that go against these streaming platforms. The DownloadViewing or viewing copyrightable content is strictly prohibited for users. All users can easily be traced back via their IP address and then warned. Such a warning is not funny at all, since it can often be very expensive.

How can you protect yourself from warnings?

In order to no longer be traceable, we recommend using one VPNService like VyprVPN. Proxies can also protect against warnings difference between VPN and proxy, we have already explained in another article! This disguises your own IP address and can pretend that you are in a completely different country. Of course, this can be very useful for many things. Not only can warnings be avoided, but geo-blockades can also be avoided. This means that you can access all content on the Internet worldwide. Bargains that only exist in other countries are suddenly available. Also own VPN- Services mostly also ad and tracking blockers and many other useful functions for security.

Is there a box alternative?

Of course there are many similar websites that offer the same services. Here, however, one has to differentiate between illegal and legal alternatives.

Illegal box alternative

The copyrightable alternatives to KKiste are of course much more popular because they are free. And if you have never received a warning, you will not be deterred so quickly. We would like to warn you right away that the law is only relatively new and that the issue of warnings will only really get going. So please protect yourself!

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Legal alternative

The legal platforms naturally have many advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand you have to pay a monthly subscription here and then you can often not even see all films and series, and on the other hand the quality of the films is excellent and without interruptions. In addition, there is of course no need to worry about warnings here. Only the geo-blockades when you are abroad are insanely annoying. But here too one can VPN help.

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Created on:03/20/2020

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