Kinox is illegal, but still very popular! Is there a Kinox alternative?

We cover these topics in the following article:

  • What is Kinox?
  • Is the website blocked? Is it illegal?
  • How can I protect myself?
  • Which VPN- Do we recommend services?
  • What Kinox alternative is there?
  • The most important questions summarized.

What is Kinox?

Kinox is an online streaming platform. It can be used completely free of charge and always offers the latest cinema films, sometimes even before the cinema starts. The website is one of the most popular portals in the German-speaking countries and one of the most visited websites in Germany. “Kinox zu” is the successor to the original website and is still up to date.

Kinox website

Is “Kinox closed” blocked? Is the platform illegal?

The domain Kinox zu or Kinox su was blocked by the European Court of Justice because the offer of the platform is legally prohibited. Nevertheless, you can always find them under a new name, including all the films and series. Viewing content that is questionable by copyright is also prohibited for users of such websites and can be fined. 

How can I protect myself?

With your IP address, authorities can track you and give you a fine. So it's important to hide your own IP address. That works with a VPN-Services that swaps its own IP with another. This has the advantage that nobody can trace back what you have done on the Internet. You can also pretend to be in another country and thus use services that are blocked in Germany. 


Which VPN- Do we recommend services?

Many VPN- Providers can protect you from warnings. It is important to find the right one that suits you. We have created a little support on our website that can help you find the right provider for you. On the whole, we can also offer you the best here VPN- Call providers for streaming, which clearly convinced us in the test. VyprVPN. A user-friendly service that is secure and can bypass all locks.

VyprVPN logo

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What Kinox alternative is there?

The platform offers many of its own domains in order to always be able to use the service. Some of them are for example:

  •, .io, .me, .si

Of course there are also some other Kinox alternatives. All of the above are copyright-related and are not legal in this case. Legal alternatives would be Netflix and Co.

Briefly summarized important questions about Kinox:

What is Kinox?

The website is a platform on which you can watch the latest cinema films before the cinema release.

Is the service legal?

No. Viewing copyrighted content is prohibited by the European Court of Justice and will be punished.

How can I protect myself?

With the help of a VPN you can encrypt your own IP address and protect yourself from being tracked by the authorities.

What Kinox alternative is there?

Alternatives would be,, .io, .me, .si, .top. Or also websites like KKiste, Streamkiste,, etc.

Created on:04/30/2020

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