Filmpalast: legal or illegal? Everything you should know about the video portal

What is Filmpalast?

Filmpalast is an online streaming platform with which you can watch the latest movies for free. The website is known under the domain “”. Please not to be confused with "“Because these are two different websites. We are talking about the video portal here and now filmpalast.towhere you can stream a wide variety of films without having to set up a subscription.

Filmpalast website

Is Filmpalast legal?

Watch the latest movies without paying a cent. That doesn't sound too good. It is not, either, because the content is subject to copyright and recently there has been a law that prohibits the streaming of these films. For a long time, video portals such as Filmpalast or movie4k were in a legal gray area and you didn't have to worry about getting caught. But today it is different. Users of such websites are now receiving warnings with large amounts more and more often. However, this does not mean that you can no longer use these services, just that you should protect yourself in the future!

How can you protect yourself from warnings?

First of all, I will explain how the authorities get your name and address in order to warn you. Each device has its own IP address. Without it, you couldn't use the Internet at all. Every website can see your IP. And that's exactly where the problem lies. You can also be traced through your unique IP. It is important to protect yourself here. You should encrypt your own IP address so that you can no longer find out the actual one. You can do that with a VPN-Service.

The VPN disguises one's own IP and changes it with any other. You can even use it to pretend that you are in a completely different country. This can bring you many advantages and also protect you from warnings. I advise you of a free one VPN because these could also work with authorities. Our recommendations are VyprVPN or NordVPN. You can Read all test reports here.

Created on:03/28/2020

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