Best torrent sites in 2020 - our comparison

Torrent or file sharing is very popular. Files and content are exchanged on the Internet by different users. To participate in this barter, you use torrent sites. We have set ourselves the goal of comparing torrent sites to reveal the best torrent sites for 2020.

Torrent: what is it about

As already mentioned at the beginning, this involves exchanging files. This means that if you download content, other users can load files from you or your device. However, the entire file is never loaded completely, but only individual packages from different sources, which are put together again after the complete loading process. Files that are not shared are not found. So torrenting depends a lot on the users!

Exchange torrent sites What role do torrent sites play in this?

The torrent sites play the role of the exchange. Only data is exchanged between the participating users, but the Download is not done through the torrent sites. It's about the individual participants. In order to get the desired data, you need the torrent pages, which offer a directory of the available torrents - the torrents in turn allow access to the actual files.

Compare torrent sites: our favorites

Regardless of whether you are already a torrent professional or a beginner: We like to use the following torrent pages again and again, the exchange works very well with it. Just try it yourself! You will surely find a lot of content that is interesting for you.

Torrent clients - our recommendation

To files downloadTo be able to do it, you also need one Torrent client. In our experience Vuze and uTorrent very good torrent clients that are not too complicated to use, but still have many useful features.

Warning: Are Torrent Sites Illegal?

Torrent sites themselves are not illegal. But it depends on what you load. Because a lot of content is subject to copyright restrictions and may not be shared "just like that". For example, the new movie that has just started. In such a case, sharing is against the law and you could warnings or receive claims for damages - that can be expensive! For this reason, you should absolutely never do without torrenting VPN operate. Only with a reliable one VPN are you protected during file sharing!

Can't find your favorite torrent site?

If you can recommend a torrent site, please! We look forward to new tips. The torrent pages from our list all worked in our test. Unfortunately, that can change, of course. If you notice something while trying it, a feedback to would be great! Thanks in advance!

Best torrent sites

But here are our top torrent sites in comparison. Have fun looking through and above all trying out.


The rather smaller database is not at the forefront of innovations. But it does provide older and rarer content that is otherwise difficult to find.

Lime Torrents

Maintenance is very important here - great!

kickasstorrents (KAT)

The official torrent site is often copied or forged online - but only the original is convincing! But that is neat, you will not only find your files thanks to a very good search function, but you will also get great information about the individual torrents on KAT.


If you don't like advertising at all, maybe not optimal. But apart from that, Monova is a really clear and uncomplicated torrent site - besides, you can easily bypass the advertisements.


Torlock relies on user quality control to prevent counterfeiting: If you find a torrent fake on the torrent page and let me know, you will receive a dollar.

ETTV torrents

Watch out for US series fans: ETTV Torrents is exactly the right torrent site for you - large series offer! The site also warns against it without VPN not to be used, very personable!

The Pirate Bay

An old hand in the torrent business: The Pirate Bay has really been doing good torrent work for years and has already been sued by copyright lawyers. The torrent site was able to get up again and again successfully.


Toorgle is a meta torrent search engine. This means that you can use this one platform to tap over 450 different torrent sites.

Has its best times behind, what you can tell from the content. Could be more - but is really easy to use. And also here as an eye catcher the warning, always on VPN to use for protection.

Sky torrents

Certainly one of the most extensive torrent sites currently on the net. You will surely find almost everything here.


Super large database with lots of files - great!

Torrent Galaxy

Clear design, good search functions and a whole “galaxy” full of results - that's how it should be.


A tip from our readers: According to you, EZTV also contains really rare data. Otherwise, the selection is not huge.


Also a torrent site for rarity lovers with lost "treasures".


It is better to exercise caution here, because it seems that the page has not been maintained for over a year. ExtraTorrent is very popular, but this maintenance shortcoming could indicate a trap for torrent users ...


In contrast to ExtraTorrent, there is a lot of & current maintenance here. Zoogle offers a large database and always interesting innovations.


Again, thanks to the principle of the meta torrent search engine, you searched tens of torrent sites in one fell swoop. Simply fast.

Torrent via Onion / TOR (Darknet)

You can also use Torrentz2 to search for torrents in the Darknet - and you are actually directly anonymous. However, you need a TOR browser or a TOR connection for this. Some VPNs even offer this as an integrated function. Attention: The Darknet is a very special terrain on which you should be familiar. Here more.

Best torrent sites - Darknet

Link: Torrentz2 - http://torrentzwealmisr.onion/

Are you a torrent newbie? Our tips for you!

Torrenting is fun and you will find great content. But torrenting also comes with dangers that you should be aware of. So if you want to use torrent sites for the first time, be sure to read our tips in advance.

Beware of fake torrents

Unfortunately, there is also a counterfeiting in torrents. You are happy to have found a whole specific file - if you find it after the complete one Download when you click it turns out to be something completely different. This is of course quite annoying ... You can protect yourself from such fakes by checking the torrent ratings of other users or by writing a warning yourself if you have fallen for a fake.

Protect yourself from warnings - with one VPN

As already explained at the beginning, many contents are protected by copyright. As soon as you load them, you make yourself de facto punishable. That's why you should only ever use Torrent in conjunction with one VPN operate! This way no one can decipher your identity and even if a film company etc. requests the disclosure of your data, this is not possible at all because you are grateful VPN you are not on the torrent site with your own IP address.

Torrent pages only with VPN use
The VPN protects you from warnings on torrent sites!

Beware of viruses & malware

Of the millions of files that you can exchange via torrent, there are naturally also some less friendly copies. Files could have been changed and equipped with viruses or Trojans. This of course gives a nasty surprise - if you do not have the latest virus protection on your computer or use torrenting and not on your "normal" device and so no data is lost in the event of an emergency.

Simply turn off annoying ads

Permanent web activation can be really annoying. And torrent sites often offer a lot of it because they make a living from it. But ad blockers skilfully help you there - here (tips for safe internet use)

Video instructions: Use torrent

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We hope this best torrent site list has the right site for you too! Have fun swapping, listening, streaming etc.!

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