Surf anonymously on the Internet with the Tor Browser - how it works

We found a good video again that explains very well what anonymous surfing on the Internet really is all about. The Tor Browser plays a major role in this - take a look and see for yourself how easy anonymous surfing really is.

Surf the internet anonymously with the Tor Browser - how it works 1

Protect your identity & your data!

Online is like offline: When you walk through the city, you certainly don't want every stranger to know exactly who you are, what you're up to and what you've done. Would be even nicer. Exactly the same applies to the Internet: During normal surfing, your identity and your activities can be easily viewed and spied on. From your internet service provider, from the government, from hackers, from secret services ... Unfortunately, the list is long.

Surfing the internet anonymously is our right!

Surfing anonymously on the internet is unfortunately not that easy. That does not have to be that way! Above all, it SHOULD not be so. Because everyone has the right to be free and unobserved - no matter where. Fortunately, to implement this idea on the Internet in the sense of anonymous surfing, there is the Tor network that operates the Tor Browser.

Surf the internet anonymously with the Tor Browser - how it works 2The (or one) solution: the Tor Browser

Tor comes from "The Onion Router". It is a huge network operated by volunteers. "Onion" because the Tor Browser works with many layers like an onion. It looks like that when you surf anonymously with the Tor Browser, you don't simply connect directly to the website you want. Instead, you will be directed over several layers of the “Onion” gate.

Encrypted from gateway to gateway

The Tor Browser connects you encrypted to a first Tor computer. A second gateway to another gateway then follows in this encrypted line in order to exchange data. And then - surprise - to a third goal calculator. After these three layers, you will get to where you want to go in the Tor Browser: the website you are visiting.

Nobody in the Tor Browser knows who you are and where you are surfing at the same time

This step-by-step connection in the Tor Browser actually implements anonymous surfing on the Internet. Because none of the Tor computers used, which are incidentally chosen for data exchange, know your identity and your destination at the same time. Because one Tor computer has no insight into the encrypted data of the other Tor computers. So even if monitoring takes place, there is simply no useful information. Surfing anonymously is guaranteed.

How can you use the Tor Browser to surf anonymously?

Different layers, encrypted data, Tor computer ... The system behind the Tor Browser may not be technically so simple. But for you as a user it is easy to surf the Internet anonymously: Just go to, download the Tor Browser, unzip and start it, click on "Connect" - and you're ready to go. Surfing works just like any other browser. The only difference is that surfing works anonymously.

The more encrypted data, the better

You don't care if you are not anonymous on the Internet and everyone can see your data? Advertising companies analyze and sell them ... Secret services collect them to maybe use them against you ... Authorities identify you and e.g. B. Being able to send warnings ... Surfing the Internet anonymously has a lot of downsides. So if you don't care, you should keep one thing in mind: the more users use the Tor browser, the better. Because then there is much more encrypted data. This in turn helps those people for whom anonymous surfing is (life) necessary. For example, critical journalists in restrictive countries or whistleblowers etc.

VPN + Tor makes surfing anonymously even safer

The VPN protects your privacy particularly well, of course. Some VPN even offer direct gate access, an ideal solution for those who value anonymity. One such provider is ProtonVPN, with the higher-priced tariffs there is a direct gate connection.

Created on:04/17/2020

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