TIP: Anonymous and encrypted chat without data storage

Often there is also the need to talk to others, also by chat. There are of course many free options available, but if you want to be on data security and if possible "anonymous" wants to talk, then he needs other tools that are not so widespread. But as this is often not known to all participants, you then go back to Whatsapp & Co.

But it can also be different, I would like to introduce here:

NordVPN offers some options for free, with which you can "chat" anonymously or even send encrypted messages without the need for special knowledge or installation. Since these things are completely anonymous, but you should also make sure that does not impersonate someone for another person 🙂

To the anonymous and encrypted "NordVPN Chat "it is only a short way, the operation is self-explanatory:

North partVPN anonymous and encrypted chat
North partVPN anonymous and encrypted chat
  • The content of the chat automatically deletes after all participants have left it.
  • No data is logged or saved.
  • All communication is via 2048Bit SSL encryption
  • You can use the chat on the PC or even a smartphone
  • No installation is necessary

To the northVPN Chat is HERE

Created on:03/10/2016

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