TIP: Always start Google Chrome in incognito mode!

Always use incognito mode with Google Chrome!

To permanently delete cookies after each use, it is recommended to use the browser's incognito mode. You can also change that you always automatically start this safe mode.

To do this, you should simply add the parameter "-incognito" in the properties of the link to open the Chrome browser. If you now open this link, you are directly in the incognito mode window.

Always start Google Chrome incognito
Always start Google Chrome incognito

The property window is accessed by clicking the link z.Bsp. right-click on the desktop and then go to Properties.

Like me too Contribution to the cookies By doing so, you can save yourself a manual deletion of cookies and can not accept third-party cookies from other sources. So it makes sense!

Created on:03/07/2016

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