Current and current offers from VPN I have compiled services here. You can also get a great price for the provider you prefer. Why Pay More?

nordvpn offer North partVPN BlackFriday offers

North partVPN offers two different offers for customers this year and also into the Christmas season.

  • 2 years northVPN for only $ 72 ($ 3 / mon) or

  • 3 years northVPN for only $ 99 ($ ​​2.75)

These two offers can be obtained by entering the corresponding discount codes when paying for the service.


SaferVPN LogoSaferVPN BlackFriday & CyberMonday offers

At SaferVPN you double the terms. So you buy 1 year, then you get 2 years.

  • 1 year safeVPN + 1 year free for only $ 59.99 ($ ​​2.49 / month)

  • 1 month safeVPN + 1 month free for only $ 8

The offers are limited and only valid until November 26.11.2017th, XNUMX. Money back guarantee is not affected.


PureVPN LogoPureVPN BlackFriday & CyberMonday offers

You get pureVPN for 2 years now for $ 69.95 which is a monthly amount of just $ 2.91.

  • 2 years of PureVPN for only $ 69.95 ($ 2.91 / month)

This does not affect the money-back guarantee and the variety of functions. PureVPN offers VPN-Locations in 141 different countries.


VPNProviders in the discount trap!

Many VPN-Services no longer come out of the self-made discount trap. This means that if they now have no promotions, customers will wait until they have the corresponding offers to make a purchase. This is not an advantage for the providers but also for the long term for the customers. The provider has to win as many new customers as possible due to the cost pressure, and he cannot invest much in technology or customer service. Typical examples of this mechanism are CyberGhost, HideMyAss or NordVPN become. The possibility that there will again be a discount code or a special offer ensures that users wait and see. You can tell from the above VPN Providers clearly that the services become worse with an increasing number of customers. Overloaded servers, software errors and bugs, but also long waiting times or impersonal support are the further consequences.

Other providers who have had prices unchanged for years are usually much better positioned here and have been offering their customers consistently high quality and customer service for years. In addition, as a customer, no matter when you booked the service, you also feel treated fairly. Because many may know the feeling you get when you see a better price elsewhere for a product you just bought. I therefore normally prefer providers who do not offer discounts or special special prices, but do have a fixed and fair price all year round. To this VPN Services certainly count VyprVPN or Perfect-Privacy VPN. If you have one VPN want to use all year round and over a long period of time, the quality features are much more crucial than short-term discounts.